You need to FREEZE your Credit from being checked without your approval – EMERGENCY MEETING TAKING PLACE RIGHT NOW

Why do we recommend that you FREEZE “the ability” for your credit to be checked without your knowledge or approval? The main reason is because if you learn from other people’s situations, then you don’t have to go through it yourself, especially, the ones you don’t want happening to you. Sometimes, they can happen and the damages are just time consuming and irreversible in some cases. You may be curious why is it so important? It’s to protect your credit history and privacy. It pretty much goes for other records, where once they were available to just about anyone that wanted to order, but eventually, became restricted to only the actual person ONLY being able to order their record, or car insurance companies that have been given the right by their customers as a result of the customer giving them the right to check their personal driving record.

Negative Reports weighing down Credit Score’s fullest potential?

Why Negative Reports are not helping the actual essence of a credit report and credit score? It doesn’t matter if your credit score is high, because if you have outstanding reports that show you have unresolved matters, it’s questioned, and it does put a brake in the process of which you are trying to process. You need to get those resolved, whatever it takes. To keep a CLEAN CREDIT REPORT so you can take advantage of your CREDIT SCORE and it’s benefits.

We need to stop our credit from being checked due to international and domestic criminals.

Just imagine some idiot posing as an executive in your company, and then asking another executive for sensitive, confidential reports, via SPOOFING the IDENTITY.  This is a serious concern.

Freeze your Credit Score so it can’t be checked.

The idea of making it difficult for your credit report to be easily checked along with notifications and alerts about the actual checking process is a good idea to implement if it has already not been done.

Look into it.

Is the perceived value of a Credit Score being higher than lower really not what it’s given the impression to be?

In today’s world, if you have money, then that’s enough to make your purchase.  The only time your credit score really matters is when you’re going to take a loan from a bank.  You don’t need to worry about your credit score if you’re paying all cash for a purchase.  So, in most situations, when you are needing to qualify for living, renting, financing, leasing, and more, you need to be concerned about your credit score, otherwise, WHO CARES!


Credit Score is failing the people that rely on it?

Ask yourself this question.