We need to stop our credit from being checked due to international and domestic criminals.

Freeze your Credit Score so it can’t be checked.

Is the perceived value of a Credit Score being higher than lower really not what it’s given the impression to be?

In today’s world, if you have money, then that’s enough to make your purchase.  The only time your credit score really matters is when you’re going to take a loan from a bank.  You don’t need to worry about your credit score if you’re paying all cash for a purchase.  So, in most situations, when you are needing to qualify for living, renting, financing, leasing, and more, you need to be concerned about your credit score, otherwise, WHO CARES!


Credit Score is failing the people that rely on it?

Ask yourself this question.

Credit Score – Is it really helping you or is it just an illusion to make you think it really helps.

Perhaps a lower credit score may be in your favor to get you a lower payment.

Can using Cash instead of Credit Card be safer for my identity protection?

Whenever you use your credit card, you are basically requesting to borrow money instantly in exchange for disclosing your location, types of purchases you make and promise that you will pay the bill when received in your monthly credit card statement. If you are like Steve Jobs who changes his car every 6 months, then you may not be using your credit card, but chances are you aren’t like Steve Jobs and you don’t mind using your credit card and aren’t worried about disclosing your details.