Credit Score – Is it really helping you or is it just an illusion to make you think it really helps.

Perhaps a lower credit score may be in your favor to get you a lower payment.

Can using Cash instead of Credit Card be safer for my identity protection?

Whenever you use your credit card, you are basically requesting to borrow money instantly in exchange for disclosing your location, types of purchases you make and promise that you will pay the bill when received in your monthly credit card statement. If you are like Steve Jobs who changes his car every 6 months, then you may not be using your credit card, but chances are you aren’t like Steve Jobs and you don’t mind using your credit card and aren’t worried about disclosing your details.


Cleaning Bad Credit is not difficult

The ability to clean bad credit is simple and straight forward. It’s not rocket science. It’s so simple that you will be smiling when you realize how easy it is to correct those mistakes.


My 3Score report is far apart from each of the 3 credit bureau scores – What is the problem?

It is highly likely that one or more bureaus have errors or missing information which is providing you a different score than the others, and so what you want to do is check to make sure your report is clear of errors and you may want to submit evidence to the lower score credit bureau and have them update to apply a Credit Rescore once the changes have been implemented.  It may be possible that you also have issues which haven’t been factored into your score for the higher bureau scores, but the lower ones may be more up to date, representing your true LEGAL CREDIT.


Credit Report Has Negative reports, but they aren’t true because those were corrected already?

You need to go across all negative areas and obtain the evidences that prooves that the credit report has errors, and by obtaining all the true and valid corrections, you know that in your mind, once those corrections are submitted to each of the credit bureaus, those will be reviewed and applied as soon as they are confirmed and validated. The CREDIT SCORE will be impacted in your favor, in most circumstances.  Sometimes, it’s rarely such that your Credit Score will not improve once the corrections are applied and your report is updated to reflect the LEGAL CREDIT status.

Need to dispute your Credit Report?

After reviewing your credit report, if you find errors that are negatively impacting your credit score, it is recommended that you correct those by obtaining the necessary evidence of accuracy and once submitted to the credit bureaus, usually within 5 days, the corrections will be reviewed and once those corrections are validated and applied to your credit report, you can go through a Credit ReScore and your new updated credit score WILL IMPROVE. It is an overall Win/Win situation for all parties involved in effectuating the changes to show your true and valid LEGAL CREDIT.